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Do you ever wake up and say “What the heck!! This hair!!” It's clinging to my pillow, the sheets, the comforter, my husband’s beard!?

How much do you love it when you put on a cute winter hat that's perfect with your leggings and boots, but go to take it off and see your whole head of hair standing on end 🤦‍♀️ Embarrassed, do you immediately put it back on?

Have you styled your hair, taken a few extra minutes to get it just right, walked out the door feeling confident with your hairstyle, just for it to turn into a hair tornado because the winter wind has decided to pay you an untimely visit?

There goes your styled hair and here comes the dry, cold wind to leave you with it wrapped around your head in a face hug and clinging to your sweater. I don’t know about you, but this happens all the time in Colorado. The views here are majestic, but oh does the wind like to blow!! So let's get to the root of this...

Why does your hair become so full of static? How can we help combat this issue? We sometimes experience static hair during dry winter months, don’t we? The extra wind, cold air, and those cozy winter hats can create seriously uncooperative flyaways! This dry air that comes from inside and out depletes our hair of hydration. Thinner hair is more prone to this because it weighs less. Wool and synthetic clothing or accessories can cause friction and further add to the problem, while silk lined accessories and pillowcases can help zap static in its tracks. How about we apply some treatment to this attention getter hair?! 😳

First, we need to stay hydrated from the inside out with good ol' H2O! I know it's difficult (I don't love drinking water), but it will help with skin care as well. Speaking of inside out, you'll want to add Beauty Kandy Vitamins to your routine in order to boost biotin and collagen to skin and hair. Now it’s time for Third Wheel AminoKeratin Spray to prevent dry, damaged hair and control frizz! Now we're getting somewhere!

Next, let's talk about Smooth Talker. This keratin infused argan oil will keep your hair hydrated, looking soft, smooth, and frizz free all day long. For nighttime care, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase to help lock in moisture and decrease friction. When you're ready for some self care, relax and deep treat with The Support Group Static + Frizz Mask 🧖‍♀️

After discussing products and learning a few techniques that will help us walk out the door with confidence, don’t be afraid to try different styles. You’re now armed and ready for action against static ⚡️


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