About Our Owners

Head Kandy was founded by Kayla and her husband Dustin. Kayla has been a hairstylist for 11 years and loves helping advance the industry! When Kayla saw a similar brush that was priced at $300.00, she loved the concept but knew as an every day mom she couldn't justify the price for an appliance. She talked to Dustin about it and together they knew they could develop a similar styling brush, if not better, for a much more affordable price for people! Thus, the Head Kandy Brush Straightener was born, and it's surely believed to be the best brush for straightening hair. Since we started we knew there would be so many other products we could introduce to the market! 

"We strive to provide a great product at an affordable price!  We are passionate about helping people save time and money to achieve beautiful hair! We really think that with the brush straightener we can redefine the industry standards on efficiency when styling your hair. Why spend over an hour when you can spend 20 minutes?" -Kayla, Owner

Head Kandy is a small, family-run company booming with their new revolutionary products! They have grown rapidly and love the feedback they are getting! 

Located in the Heart Of The Rockies, in Colorado!