FAQs About The Head Kandy Hair Straightening Brush

These are the most frequently asked questions about our Hair Straightening Brush.

Q: Why won't my 2.0 Brush Straightener turn on?

A: Let's see if we can get it working for you!

1) Try holding the power button down for 2-3 seconds (if this doesn’t work go   to step 2)

2) Try resetting the plug. Make sure the top switch Is pressed in (red button on plug). Try step 1 again after doing so. (If this doesn’t work move to step 3)

3) While HOLDING THE POWER BUTTON DOWN, please press the following buttons in the following order “RESET / TEST / RESET”. Release the power button and try step 1 again. 

Video instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWgVaUvPkC4 

If these steps do not work, email warranty@headkandypro.com


Q: Can the 2.0 be used on wet hair?

A: We do not recommend to use this hot brush styler on wet hair. It is very damaging to apply high heat to wet hair. Also, it is an electrical appliance, and you do not want to damage the internal electrical components. 


Q: Can the 2.0 be used on African-American Hair?

A: Our brush is made to be used for all hair types! We suggest sectioning your hair to make sure that all parts are reached by the brush. For some people they use the brush first, then finish with their flat iron. We know it sounds like a lot of work, but it will actually cut your time in half.


Q: Does the 2.0 damage your hair?

A: All heat applied to hair can cause damage. However, it is a lot safer for your hair to go from curly to straight hair using the brush because you are not ironing hair between two plates.


Q: What is the difference between Head Kandy hair straightening brush and the $300.00 Dafni brush? 

A: The Dafni brush and the Head Kandy brush are similar; however, Head Kandy's brush reaches higher temperatures and is a lot more affordable! We want people to be able to have access to the most amazing appliance to hit the hair world, so we made it at a price people could reasonably pay! 


Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: We offer a 10 day money back guarantee. Purchase select products - if you like it, keep it! If you don’t, you have the option to send them back for a refund. Please see the Warranty/Shipping and Returns Page.


Q: What is the max temp on the 2.0?

A: Our brush has many levels of temperatures you may set it at for your hair type! The lowest temp is 125℉, and the max temp is 450℉.


Q: Does this brush plug in or use batteries?

A: It uses a US safety plug, so it plugs into an outlet. 


Q: Can this hot brush styler replace my regular brush?

A: No, you need to brush your hair with a brush or wide tooth comb before using the appliance. You will get best results if you use the appliance on hair that is detangled.


Q: Do the bristles break?

A: Yes they can because the bristles on the sides are made of plastic that soften as the brush is heated. If you brush your hair and section it before using you will not break off the bristles. The bristles on the side are used as a heat barrier from the heated bristles on the interior of the brush. The brush can be used if the bristles break; you just need to be aware of areas like your ears. Please be gentle with the brush. Go slow! 


Q: Can I burn myself?

A: Yes! The brush is a heated appliance, just like a curling iron or flat iron. Please use caution when using the brush not to touch the ceramic with your hand while the brush is turned on. There are heat protectant tips so you don't burn your scalp with use! You can put your hand to the brush, and it has a barrier. 


Q: Are Canadian customers responsible for Duties and Taxes?

A: Canadian customers who order through our website will not be required to pay Duties and Taxes as Head Kandy will be paying them. If you order through Amazon / Amazon CA - we will be unable to pay duties and taxes and the customer will be responsible for all fees.