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Skin Care Basics

Be good to your skin, you’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life! Great skin is not just a matter of DNA, but your daily habits. How you care for your skin is a personal preference, and your daily habits have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. There are so many different “ways” and opinions on how to care for your skin, it can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to keep in mind to sort through all the noise.

You've basically got three main steps:

Washing your face to remove impurities, toning to balance your skin, and moisturizing to hydrate and soften. Your daily needs will change over time as we age, so adapt and change your products accordingly. There’s no such thing as an instant fix; give your skin time to adapt and reap the benefits to feel and notice a difference. With any skin care products you use, apply in order of consistency from thinnest to thickest. Example: Cleanser, serum, moisturizer.

🫐 Blueberry Exfoliating Cleanser

🍉 Watermelon Serum

🍊 Citrus Day Cream (daytime)

🥑 Avocado Overnight Mask

🍌 Banana Eye Cream

Washing your face is the most essential part of any routine. We come into contact with so many pollutants, dirt, and other impurities each day that need to be removed before bedtime, and oil production at night. Wash twice daily to avoid clogged pores, dullness, and acne. After cleansing, apply serum by gently pressing into skin, followed by massaging the face in an upward motion. It’s best to use your ring finger when applying under your eyes, as this is the “weakest” finger so you won’t be prone to pulling too hard on delicate skin. Tapping on products helps stimulate circulation, and massaging upwards will flush out any toxins that have built up. Circulation also increases when you break a sweat! So get to sweating for that natural glow.

A few tips besides face products and order you apply them is to use a silk pillowcase to reduce sleep creases at night, never go to bed or sleep with your makeup on, always use sunscreen to protect your skin, wear sunglasses to reduce wrinkles from squinting, get plenty of sleep (lack of sleep can make skin look dull), exfoliate to remove dead skin (2-3 times a week), try not to touch your face throughout the day (this will cause breakouts due to bacteria and germs on your hands), and always drink plenty of water to to stay hydrated and keep skin moisturized.

Skin is a beautiful thing.....wear it well!



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