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Ups & Downs

We all have different ways of living, different concerns in life. We have different habits, morals, interests, and priorities. The thing about life is that we are able to choose how we want to live and how we raise our children to live. A lot has to do with location, opportunities, circumstances, and society in general. Some of us are more adventurous than others, dare devils per say, and some are more reserved, cautious, and content with routine and familiarity.

For me, it takes a balance of both to create stability in our lives. It’s funny how your career, passions, skills, and dreams all dictate your path. Children tend to help influence our lifestyle choices by inspiring us to grow, not give up, and get us out of our comfort zone. It's amazing the things you would do or change about your life to make it better for your children, when otherwise you wouldn't have the nerve to do what needs to be done. With that being said, loved ones can also hold you back or create an excuse to not grow or change. Some may fear change while others fear routine.

This can also be said for struggles in life. We all have those moments when you just can't seem to catch a break; nothing seems to go right, and life just sucks for the time being. It's really in those moments that we push ourselves to grow, learn, and build character. I’m thankful for my struggles because without them I wouldn't have stumbled across my strengths!

When we only experience either sadness or happiness, we tend to not grow and spread our wings into what we have the potential of being. You earn more respect and compassion for others, understanding where others come from, and being relatable. I think the best feeling is when you can give advice to someone going through a difficult time because you yourself have been there and experienced it.

Always looking at the bright side of things and seeing the glass half full instead of half empty is the best weapon towards unhappy or hard times. We all face trials in life; our response will either make us come out stronger or bring us down and hinder our success in life. 

Positivity and negativity are both contagious behaviors! Surrounding yourself and your thoughts with either of these emotions will dictate your behavior and reactions. What goes in, will come out! What you are around you will become. What you hear, see, and believe is how you will see the world and treat others. When you can't find the sunshine, be the sunshine! ☀️ 

At the end of the day, we are strong women, we aren’t perfect by any means, but our intentions are good, our hearts are pure, and we love hard with everything we’ve got. Because of those things, choose happiness.

You’re worth it!



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