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Tips + Tricks

Curious about faster, easier ways to manage your hair? Come hang out with me for a few while I go over some of my favorite go-to hair hacks! 💁‍♀️ I’m going to give you a handful of tricks to keep in your back pocket for those days when your hair is not cooperating or you just don't have the time ⏰

#1 Switch to a satin or silk pillowcase! This simple secret will not only keep your hair healthier and less frizzy, but it’s also amazing for your skin and helps to prevent wrinkles! Regular cotton pillowcases absorb moisture, not only from your skin but your hair as well. This can lead to damage, split ends and breakage.

#2 Massage your scalp. Due to increased blood flow, massaging for even just a few minutes can promote hair growth and reduce stress. The Brainiac Scalp Massager is a must have addition to your shower routine for added calm and relaxation.

#3 Use a good detangle brush or wide tooth comb when brushing out wet hair. Other brushes can cause damage and breakage, especially when your hair is wet. If you tend to collect a lot of hair in your tub drain, try brushing your hair prior to entering the shower to help eliminate excess “shedding.”

#4 If you are one that loves the pool, you’ve probably noticed how harsh chlorine is on your hair. Pool chemicals combined with the sun can be dehydrating and pull moisture out super fast! A quick, easy trick is to soak your hair with fresh water before hand. Like a sponge, hair can only absorb so much water - if the majority of that is good water, this can help keep pool water from damaging your lovely locks and color.

#5 When you have more static in your hair than normal and need a quick fix, a dryer sheet works well by lightly rubbing it through your hair or hair brush prior to brushing. You may be experiencing static if you are over washing, so let the natural oils in your scalp condition your hair by shampooing every few days or going longer if you can. When you do wash and condition, shampoo only your scalp and condition just the bottom 3/4 of your hair. To help go longer between washes, use a good dry shampoo at the scalp to absorb excess oils and reinvigorate your hair. Instead of rubbing in dry shampoo and leaving excess dirt, oil, and product sitting there, use your BFF to blow the excess out so that you don't have build up left hanging around.

So go ahead and hit snooze, you have WannaBe Dry Shampoo 🥰


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