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Anyone feeling like you need some self-care mom time!?

🙎‍♀️ Kids getting out of control, house feeling like it's more than you can handle, the laundry is making fun of you, and the dishes looking at you dirty again?

Dreaming about some "me” time or a mommy vacay?

I think as women and mothers, we are blessed with the ability to multitask and take on a lot before realizing we need a break. If we don't take these breaks, it can have an affect on what kind of person we become. I know that if I start getting down, tired, and short tempered with my kids and family, it's usually because I need a little “me” time. Some may think this is selfish and feel guilty about taking a time out, but I believe that it's a healthy habit to get into. We shouldn't feel bad for taking time to be a better person for the people around us. We can be more productive and better to be around when our tank is full. Time away from craziness and all the demands of the world help us find our own voice and discover (or rediscover) who we are. Life can become so monotonous that it’s good to break up our daily grind with some fun!

Let’s face it, the alone time is really for everyone else’s safety.

We all have different ideas of what we need to regenerate and re-energize ourselves. You could just need a minute, and other times need a few more! There are so many ways to unwind; a simple walk around the block, shopping with friends, a hot bath, or spa day alone. Maybe you prefer something more physical like a hike, an intense work-out, bike ride, or swimming. It really all comes down to finding the time to reconnect with who we are, letting the mind rest, and recharging our batteries (yes, moms have more than one battery!)

You have to know sweet mommas, it’s okay to take care of yourself.

We can be so hard on ourselves at times. We really can be our own worst critic. Just remember that in the end, you are the only one who can give your children a happy mother who loves life and is ready to take on the next adventure 🛩


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