Travelista Hair Dryer

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Travelista Brushless Motor Hair Dryer

• Ergonomic Handle
• Compact Design, Perfect for Travel
• Three Air Flow Settings
• Cool Shot Cold Air Option
• Four Temperature Settings
• Temperature & Speed Memory
• Auto Cleaning Function 
• Releases Negatives Ions to Reduce Frizz
• 1500W Single Voltage 125V
• NEW Brushless Motor is Quiet & Lightweight
• Delivers Strong Airflow

What is a brushless motor? What makes it different?

Most hair dryers use carbon brushes that wear out over time causing the motor to quit working. With magnets and electronics to power a "brushless" motor, the life of your Travelista can be extended to last ten times longer than hair dryers with an AC motor. Not only will the life of your hair dryer be extended, it's quiet, lightweight, and provides powerful airflow for quick results.

For additional information, click here to access the instruction manual.