Friends with Benefits

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Third Wheel provides protection against heat damage and is packed with vitamins to keep your hair healthy. This lightweight formula conditions and encapsulates each strand of hair to combat humidity, tame frizz, protect against heat damage and environmental stressors.

Third Wheel also freshens between washes, tames flyaways, adds moisture to dry brittle hair and detangles for better manageability. Seal and prevent split ends while boosting shine and improving the overall health of your hair with Third Wheel and Smooth Talker.

Smooth, silky, sexy. That's what you get with Smooth Talker. Chemical treatments, grooming habits, and exposure to environmental stressors (especially extreme heat and cold) can damage your hair that can actually be seen on a microscopic level! Damaged hair creates frizz. Healing your hair’s cuticle with Smooth Talker keeps your hair looking soft, smooth, and frizz free all day long.Safe for color treated hair.

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