The Hype Man Beard "Trifecta"

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You love your beard. We get it. We're going to make you love it even more. The foundation of your grooming routine should begin with a refreshing cleanse, so we’ve created an invigorating beard shampoo. The Hype Man Beard Wash has a light masculine scent that’s gentle enough for everyday use.

The Hype Man Beard Oil will help tame pesky stray hairs, soften frizzy facial hair, and keep your skin moisturized underneath for all day comfort. You’ll feel confident knowing that your beard is living its best life while keeping it under control and smelling fresh.

Maybe you've been struggling to grow facial hair. Perhaps you’ve met your beard goals and you’re looking for a way to maintain perfection. The Hype Man Beard Serum contains essential ingredients to keep your beard healthy. Our unique formula works by protecting and strengthening the follicle for less hair fall which may encourage your beard to grow thicker, fuller, and stronger.

This bundle includes The Hype Man Beard Wash, Beard Serum, and Beard Oil.

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