The Full Entourage

Kandy Love

“Literally curls my long hair in seconds 😍”

The Lowdown: Looking for beachy waves? 🌊 Tight coils? Soft, bouncy curls? Now you can rock any style you want, because your Full Entourage has your back!

  • 😍 Silky smooth.

    Create SMOOTH curls with staying power for dayzzz. The Knockout’s titanium barrel is infused with a rare gemstone called tourmaline that creates negative ions when heated which eliminates frizz and seals your hair cuticle.

    😇 OUCHless.

    No more ripping your hair out while curling with our clip-free barrel! That also means no more ugly creases in your curls.

    ⏱️ Getting ready for date night just got faster.

    We know you’re a girl on the go, and your Knockout Wand isn’t going to hold you up. Heats up to styling temperature in less than 60 seconds!

    Other deets: 

    💖 Thin hair that never holds a curl? THICK luscious locks that you just can’t seem to tame? Get the style you want with any hair type because the Knockout Wand has a heat range of 140-430°F.

    🔌 Say goodbye to hard to reach spots because the Knockout Wand has a swivel cord!

    💖 Swap out your barrels for any look you want with the interchangeable base. Includes FIVE barrels (25mm, 32mm, pearl bubble, 18mm-25mm tapered barrel, 19mm-10mm tapered barrel).

    💖 Get Pinterest-worthy texture perfection with the pearl wand.

    💖 Craft adorable tight coils with the smallest tapered barrel!

    💼 Style a great work or daytime look with the larger tapered barrel 

  • Turn the wand on and select your desired temperature:

    ✅ Delicate, colored, thin, fine hair = 250-285°F
    ✅ Medium textured hair= 285-320°F
    ✅ Afrotexture, thick, curly, wavy hair = 320-355°F

    When the LCD screen turns from RED to Blue, the wand is ready to use!

    CURL and enjoy fabulous style that lasts until your next wash 🚿