The Dreamer | Dream Team

The Dreamer Collection is here to help you create a relaxing atmosphere and promote a restful night's sleep. The Dream Team includes:

The Dreamer Silk Sleep Set 
Improve your sleep quality with the new Dreamer Sleep Set. Protect your hair while you sleep with our 100% mulberry silk sleep mask, pillowcase and scrunchie.

The Dreamer Sleep Serum
Formulated with melatonin, magnesium and chamomile to provide hydration and help nourish skin while supporting a good night’s sleep.

The Dreamer Mood Mist
Gentle enough to be used on the face, body, hair or bedding for a relaxing atmosphere.

The Dreamer Décolleté Pad
Help prevent fine lines and wrinkles in your chest area. Hydrate, plump and rejuvenate for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Due to the nature of these items all sales are final. 

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