The Besties


Move over Monica and Rachel, there’s a new dynamic duo in town 💕

The Lowdown: Restore your overstressed hair to vibrant health. Fight frizz, revive damaged hair, and get your soft, manageable mane back. The Main Squeeze Shampoo & Tag A Long Conditioner are keratin-rich hair care products that are packed full of the vitamins, minerals, and principle amino acids your damaged hair needs to heal.

  • 💖 Clean you can feel good about.

    All Head Kandy products are vegan, gluten free, and cruelty free.

    🏥 Repairs your lovely locks.  

    Your routine can be TOUGH on your hair - making it brittle and frail over time.

    The keratin, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in The Main Squeeze & Tag A Long are the secret sauce to getting your soft, manageable hair back.

    Over time, your hair will become stronger, healthier, have more elasticity, and less breakage.

    ⚔️ Frizz fighter.

    The Main Squeeze & Tag A Long keep your hair looking SMOOTH all day long because they contain a lightweight silicone that’s hydrolyzed and encapsulated for time-released humidity protection throughout the day.

    Other deets: 

    ✨ Works magic on oily hair

    💘 Safe for color treated hair

  • You don’t need to use as much product with Head Kandy because our hair care line is filler free! Use one pump for short hair, two for medium length, and 3-4 pumps for longer hair.