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Everything you need for amazingly sexy hair 😘

The Lowdown: Everything you need to create the Pinterest-worthy hair you want. Fully Styled is your complete hair care system for smooth, sexy, HEALTHY hair. Repair brittle cuticles, fight frizz, protect your hair from future damage, and LOOK GREAT DOING IT!

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    🚿 The closest thing to washing your hair without water.

    This dry shampoo really wants to be a regular shampoo. The fast acting powders soak up oil, sweat, and odors so your hair will look and smell cleaner!

    If you love the scent of The Main Squeeze, you’ll love WannaBe.

    ❄️ NO white residue.

    Say goodbye to the “fresh snow” look. WannaBe is your secret weapon, nobody will ever know you’re using a dry shampoo.

    🚫 Never crunchy.  

    You’ll love your hair’s texture after using WannaBe. Coconut oil and aloe leaf extract keep your hair feeling light and soft like a normal “wet” shampoo. Your hair won’t feel weighted or crunchy.

    WannaBe is your new favorite dry shampoo if you want soft, natural feeling hair.


    🚫 Never greasy.

    Drama Queen gets your hair on point without nasty, sticky, greasy side effects.

    💪 Volume that lasts all day.

    Trouble keeping the volume up all day? Drama Queen gives you strong volume that won’t fall flat by the end of the day.

    ⚡ Revitalize limp hair.

    Fine hair? On day 2 of your curls? Whenever you need extra volume, Drama Queen has your back!


    💪 Supports naturally strong hair.

    Unlike regular texturizing sprays, Air Head supports healthy hair! Coconut oil 🥥 keeps your hair moist and shiny while repairing brittle hair. Keratin is a protein fragment that coats your hair’s cuticle to fill in microscopic gaps that create frizzing.

    ⚔️ Frizz fighter.

    Air Head keeps your hair looking SMOOTH all day long because it contains a lightweight silicone that’s hydrolyzed and encapsulated for time-released humidity protection throughout the day. 

    🤳 Selfie-worthy Day 2 Hair.

    Get the Day 1 texture back. Air Head will add that natural roughness back to your hair and create all day hold.

  • WannaBe Dry Shampoo:Shake can for best results. Hold can 6-10 inches away from dry hair. Section through and apply the product in a sweeping motion to dirty, oily areas! Apply more as needed, style as desired.

    Drama Queen Volume Powder Mist: Spray 2-4 inches focusing on roots. Lift and tousle your hair as you work it into desired style.

    Air Head Shake Texture Spray: Shake well. Apply a few spritz to dry hair for grit and texture. Tousle hair while spraying to ensure even application.