Dip Powder Activator

ūüíÖ The third¬†step to a long-lasting manicure is Activator.

Activatorcures every layer ofpowder without the use of a UV/LED lamp. When it chemically bonds to your Base Coat anddipping powder, each layer hardens and creates easy workability for buffing. For the Top Coat to work, it needs to react with the activator to set evenly and create a smooth, shiny finish.

Instructions for use:

  1. When you are finished dipping 2-3 layers, remove any excess dip powder or debris from nails using your dust brush.
  2. Apply Activator to all ten nails, making sure to wipe your brush clean on a lint-free cloth before putting the brush back into the bottle each time. This will keep your bottle from becoming contaminated.
  3. Remove excess Activator with a lint-free wipe or paper towel, ensuring that there is no Activator pooled in the cuticle area or sidewalls.
  4. Proceed with the next step to your manicure.

*Due to the nature of this item, we do not accept any returns, refunds, or exchanges.