Why Head Kandy?

Head Kandy is truly revolutionizing the way we style hair. 

We take pride in offering the best products for hair on the market.

You will notice a difference with Head Kandy!


Head Kandy is a brand that's all about empowering  women with the S.L.A.Y. Factor; Style, Love, Attitude, and YAAAASSS! From Sass Queens to Insta-baddies, we believe that together we hold the power to create and become the best version of our unique selves. Here at Head Kandy, we love fun, laughs! This means we stand for self expression and individuality, in fact the only thing we actually do take seriously around here is great hair. So with a dash of positive vibes, a sprinkle of glam and a whole lot of Kandy, we invite you to join the revolution!