Imposter Clip-In Hair Extensions Tutorial

Step 1:

Prepare each weft (extension) for application by gently opening each clip.To do this, start with the clip side facing you, put one thumb on each side of the clip with index fingers at the front. Snap the clip open by applying pressure toward yourself using your index fingers. Similarly, you will close the clip by applying pressure away from yourself using your thumbs. Each Imposter Clip-In features micro-clips designed to stay put in the finest of hair without needing to tease or backcomb. These wefts will allow you to part, place, and go about your day ensuring that you will have a long lasting style.

Step 2:

Once you have the clips open, separate your hair using the end of a tapered comb or index finger starting at the lower back section of your head. Divide your natural hair by creating a horizontal part that goes from just below one ear to your other ear. Align the weft to the center of your horizontal part and insert weft into the hair with clip prongs facing down. Stretch the weft side to side to ensure a proper fit. Once you have found the proper alignment press gently. Be sure the clip-in securely attaches to your natural hair at the scalp.


Step 3:

As you begin the next two back sections it is important to appropriately space out each weft. To do this, create a horizontal part approximately 1 inch above the last weft applied. Stretch the weft side to side to ensure a proper fit. Once you have found the proper alignment press gently. Be sure the clip-in securely attaches to your natural hair at the scalp. After installing the three largest wefts to the back of your head, move on to the sides and top using the smaller wefts.


Step 4:

Using the same process from steps one and two, create horizontal parts for the top and sides of your natural hair to prepare for the smaller wefts. Stretch each weft side to side as you clip them in to ensure a proper fit. Once you have found the proper alignment press gently. Securely attach each weft to your natural hair at the scalp. For smaller wefts leave one 1/2 inch of space along your hairline to ensure your extensions remain undetectable.


Step 5:

When you have finished applying all wefts, gently brush through your hair using the Head Kandy Knotty Girl Brush (DO NOT start at the roots of your hair). This will allow you to find any loose clips that may need to be adjusted and help blend the extensions in with your own natural hair.


Step 6:

Style your extensions (they can be styled before or after application). Appliances will need to be set at a lower temperature when being used on the Imposter Clip-In Hair Extensions. Temperatures of 210ºF-350ºF are recommended in order to extend the life of your extensions.


TIP: Leave one to one and a half inches along your part line for extensions to remain undetected. If you place the clips too close to your hairline or part line your hair extensions will be noticeable and harder to conceal.

REMOVING YOUR EXTENSIONS:To remove Head Kandy Imposter Clip-In Hair Extensions, snap open all of the clips. Gently lift up and away from your hair. Never try to remove a weft without first opening all the clips.

Each nine piece set of extensions includes:2 - 4 clip pieces, 2 - 3 clip pieces, 3 - 2 clip pieces, 2 - 1 clip pieces

Hair extension colors available:Blonde, Warm Blonde, Average Blonde, Warm Average Blonde, Dark Rooted Average Blonde, Rooted Dark Blonde, Ashy Blonde, Warm Brunette, Brunette, Espresso (Coffee), Deep Brown, and Jet Black





With regular maintenance, Head Kandy Imposter Clip-In Hair Extensions can last up to a year if worn regularly (longer if only worn occasionally). Real human hair extensions can be washed and styled using thermal styling tools just like you would with your own hair. Don’t forget to use your Third Wheel Heat Protectant!

Do not wash extensions while attached to your natural hair.  

Extensions should be washed in a sink or basin.

For best results wash and condition with Head Kandy Squad Goals Main Squeeze Shampoo and Tag Along Conditioner.

Step 1: Brush each Head Kandy Imposter Clip-In Hair Extension with the Knotty Girl Brush before getting extensions wet.

Step 2: Generously wet extension pieces one by one. Gently shampoo and condition each weft. DO NOT bunch or tangle extensions during this process.Rinse each weft thoroughly.

Step 4: Pat each extension dry making sure NOT to bunch or tangle them.

Step 5: Apply Third Wheel Heat Protectant Spray to each weft.

Step 6: Comb out wet extensions with the Head Kandy Shower Buddy Shower Comb or Knotty Girl Detangle Brush.

Step 7: Lay flat or hang using the Head Kandy Extension Hanger to air dry. DO NOT place extensions in any enclosed bag, travel or storage case until they are completely dry.

We recommend spraying your extensions again with Third Wheel Heat Protectant Spray before applying ANY heat (this includes a hair dryer).

Wefts do not have the appearance of stripes or streaks. They are custom created dimensional bands for natural looking color variation to match many hair colors.