What are Dip Nails? 

Dip Powder is a combination of glue-type liquids and pigmented powder that hardens when activated and exposed to air. This method is strong, durable, and can last up three weeks when applied correctly. Dip Powder can be used on natural or artificial nails.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions for our dip powder system. Please reach out to us if you need assistance.

Step One: Wash hands and dry thoroughly. Remove shine by lightly buffing the surface of each nail.

Step Two: Apply Step One to each nail. This will temporarily dehydrate the nail for a better bond.

Step Three: Apply a thin layer of Step Two. This dries very quickly; you'll want to do one nail at a time taking care to avoid your skin and cuticle.

Step Four: While Step Two is still wet, dip your nail into the clear powder at an angle. Use a dust brush to remove excess powder. Repeat this process one nail at a time.

Step Five: Once you have applied clear dip powder to each nail, you'll repeat this process using your colored dip powder.

Step Six: Apply a thin layer of base coat to each nail and dip your nail into the colored powder at an angle one fingernail at a time.

Step Seven: Repeat the previous step until you have 2-3 layers of colored dip powder on each nail. Remove excess powder with a dust brush.

Step Eight: Once you have finished with the colored dip powder, apply 1-2 layers of clear powder.

Step Nine: Buff each nail for a smooth, even surface.

Step Ten: Apply a thin layer of Activator to each nail and allow 3-4 minutes to dry. Add another layer of Step Three making sure to cap each nail. Wait 3-4 minutes before applying Top Coat.

Step Eleven: Apply a thin layer of Top Coat to each nail. Wait five minutes and apply another layer using even strokes and capping each nail. Allow approximately ten minutes to dry completely.

Wipe your brush on a lint free cloth or pad between Step Three (Activator) and Step Four (Top Coat). If your brush begins to become stiff or harden, swap it out with the Brush Saver lid.

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Our Gel Remover works great on dip powder too! Be sure to file off the top layer of your manicure before applying.

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