The Tag Team

Move over Mario & Luigi, there’s a new team in town 🍄

The Lowdown: Ready to upgrade your Knockout Wand? Now you can create Pinterest-worthy texture perfection with the pearl wand, or craft adorable tight coils with the tapered barrels!

  • 😍 Silky smooth.

    Create SMOOTH curls with staying power for dayzzz. The Knockout’s titanium barrel is infused with a rare gemstone called tourmaline that creates negative ions when heated which eliminates frizz and seals your hair cuticle.

    😇 OUCHless.

    No more ripping your hair out while curling with our clip-free barrel! That also means no more ugly creases in your curls.

    ⏱️ Getting ready for date night just got faster.

    We know you’re a girl on the go, and your Knockout Wand isn’t going to hold you up. Heats up to styling temperature in less than 60 seconds!

    💖 Have it your way.

    With the Tag Team you have everything you need to create perfectly spaced curls, bouncy soft curls, or tight coils. Create the style you want with the THREE included barrels. (18mm-25mm tapered barrel, 19mm-10mm tapered barrel, pearl bubble barrel)

  • Turn the wand on and select your desired temperature:

    ✅ Delicate, colored, thin, fine hair = 250-285°F
    ✅ Medium textured hair= 285-320°F
    ✅ Afrotexture, thick, curly, wavy hair = 320-355°F

    When the LCD screen turns from RED to Blue, the wand is ready to use!

    CURL and enjoy fabulous style that lasts until your next wash 🚿