BFF Blow Dryer

With a sleek salon look, you’ll feel like you’re in the salon but without the hassle. Dry your hair quickly with our swing nozzle and be ready to go in no time! 


  • Our proprietary pulsating nozzle cuts down on drying time by oscillating and varying the airflow.

  • Customizable for EVERY hair type with 6 heat settings.

  • Lock in volume all day long with the cool blast.

  • 2 different nozzles help you create any hairstyle.

  • Late for work? Your BFF’s got your back with turbo mode.

  • You do enough heavy lifting… the BFF is feather light and ergonomic.

  • Friends don’t let friends frizz. The BFF has tourmaline to make sure your hair is always silky smooth.

Dry your hair in just 3 minutes! Whether you’ve got fine hair or a thick mane, you can achieve the perfect hairstyle with the BFF blow dryer’s salon-worthy motor. Less time exposed to heat means healthier hair, too!