Nail Tips

Nail Kandy artificial tips are easy to apply and work great with our dip powder system. Trim, file, or buff to your desired length and shape.

Nail Prep:

  1. Wash hands using soap that does not contain oil, lotion, or other moisturizers (dish soap works great).
  2. Clean nails of any oil or residue using acetone based polish remover.
  3. Remove shine by lightly buffing the surface of each nail. Wipe clean using a lint free cloth.
  4. Use Step One (Prep / Bond) to temporarily dehydrate each nail for proper adhesion.
  1. Select the correct size tip for each nail.
  2. Apply a thin layer of nail glue to the recessed part of the artificial nail tip.
  3. Press the artificial nail tip onto your natural nail and hold for five seconds.
  4. Trim and / or file nails to your desired length.

Use with nail glue or Step Two of our dip powder liquids (not included).