Cluster Lashes

Say goodbye to mascara and hello to the softest, most comfortable cluster lashes! Head Kandy Lash System has everything you need from start to finish to level up your lash game.Each lash tray includes 11 sets of pre-designed, hand crafted cluster lash extensions.

  • Everyday Ellie 8x 10x 12mm (natural curl)

  • Glamorous Gabbie 14x 16x 18mm (natural curl)

  • Flirty Franki 16mm (all one length, dramatic curl)

  • Alluring Anna 10x 14x 16mm (tapered to the ends, natural curl)

  • Smokeshow Silvana 10x 12x 14mm (elevated curl)

Click here for application instructions and lash liquid ingredients.

Bonder, Sealer, Remover and Tweezers sold separately.

Due to the nature of this item all sales are final.