Polar Opposite

Curls just want to have fun

The Lowdown: Wondering how you’re going to fit YET ANOTHER styling necessity into your packed beauty drawer? You don’t have to forego frizz-free locks with our collapsible diffuser! Finally, girls with curls can have hair that’s still rocking when you wake up the next morning.

  • 👩‍⚕️ Take care of curly hair.

    Is it true? Can you get nice, BIG curly hair without the frizz? All it takes is a little bit of technique with the Polar Opposite and you can say SAYONARA to air-dry frizz.

    🌊 Transform straight hair to curly.

    Have mostly straight hair with a slight wave? With a little bit of technique you can use a diffuser attachment to unleash your inner CURLY GIRL.

    💖 Protect heat-damaged hair.

    You know what they say, there’s no beauty without pain… If you have heat-damaged hair, using a diffuser is one way to reduce the harshness of heat drying!

    Other deets: 

    🤖 Adapts to most 6” barrel hair dryers, and is designed to be used with the Head Kandy BFF Blow Dryer.

    💼 Space saving, collapsible diffuser perfect for adventures and crowded bathroom

  • Step 1: Towel dry your hair out of the shower

    Step 2: Apply product as desired

    Step 3: Twist each of your curls around your finger before diffusing to give best curl definition

    Step 4: Fit the diffuser onto the end of your BFF Blow Dryer and turn it to low or medium heat (helps minimize frizz)

    Step 5: Starting with one side, take the diffuser and place it near your hair’s roots - use circular motions as you dry the hair near your scalp

    Step 6: Work your way down the tips of your hair

    Now you’re ready to rock your curls! Add product and style as needed.