Kandy Ties

Kandy Ties will blow you away! Say goodbye to headaches, hair breakage, bends in the hair, and your traditional hair tie falling out through the day! You will LOVE the way Kandy Ties grip your hair, but easily come out when you want them out!

You will never wear traditional hair ties again! 


Smart Girl - Dark Brown

Fiesta Girl- Bright Yellow, Light Blue, Dark Blue

On The Go Girl - Brown, Black, Clear

Fun Girl - Clear, Hot Pink, Light Pink

Stand Out Girl - Black

Boss Girl - Clear

Playful Girl - Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black

Party Girl - Clear, Bright Purple, Hot Pink

Cute Girl - Light Aqua, Orange, Teal

City Girl - Bright Purple, Clear, Grey

Each Box of Kandy Ties includes (6) ties 
Samples include (1) Kandy Tie

All sales of this item are final and not returnable or refundable.

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